Our Approach to Structuring Deals

There are many reasons why perfectly deserving opportunities have a hard time getting financing. Sometimes the size of the deal may be difficult to fund. Sometimes the cost-of-capital requirements fall slightly outside the comfort zone for the traditional investor class for the deal type. Sometimes the investment itself is just very unusual or requires a unique structuring approach. IDAP Global are specialists in structuring and financing deals for some traditional and many alternative assets in a way that works for high-quality project owners.

A Practical Example

A newly assembled group of experienced real-estate investors came together with the aim to disrupt the affordable housing sector, and was looking for £15 million financing for the acquisition of a portfolio of properties. Top private equity groups were very interested in the deal, but a bit too inflexible to cut a meaningful deal.

The project was well positioned to return a higher rate than a typical real-estate investment for private and institutional investors. We structured the deal to meet the need of the project owners and created an attractive offering for our investors in the form of the world’s first private fully-digital bond. This is what we mean by structuring deals and providing project owners with the ability to efficiently finance their projects.

Why You Want to Partner with Us

IDAP is uniquely positioned on a global level to get your project financed. If you feel your project can meet our criterias for high-quality projects, risk:reward profile, and other factors then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re the ones to get the job done.

Note: we do not work with early stage startups.